Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

High-Speed Wireless Terms & Conditions

The following conditions apply to the installation and maintenance of High-Speed Internet Service:

  • Service is installed and maintained to the radio. Upon installation, Rocky Mountain Internet will verify service is fully operational to the point of entry by connecting directly to the radio and demonstrating full functionality. If the end user experiences problems with their internal network devices (ie routers or computers), troubleshooting these problems are not included as part of the installation.

  • Additional wiring is described as; Cat5 cable run beyond the point of installation to additional rooms or computers, is not part of the installation.  If additional wiring is required, clients are directed to use an electrician or other wiring installation service to meet the internal needs of the client.

  • Installation does not include installing and configuring network cards or wireless USB devices in the computers to receive service. 

  • Rocky Mountain Internet will maintain service and warranty to the wireless equipment. If a service call is requested to troubleshoot any difficulties experienced by the end user and it is determined that the service is functioning correctly to the radio, but a problem exists on the users internal network or computer, a service call fee of $90.00 will be assessed. If the end user causes any damage to the delivery equipment through direct negligence or tampering, or failure to maintain a proper structural environment for the delivery equipment, all repair expenses will be the responsibility of the end user.  Said damages may be cause for immediate termination of services.

  • Rocky Mountain Internet is not responsible for network security for any client utilizing broadband internet services. All clients are responsible for network activity and security. Any actions deemed inappropriate or potentially damaging to the distribution of broadband internet services, including but not limited to; BitTorrent activity, Spam, open relay servers, chat servers, or shared data files/folders involving pirated materials such as music or videos, will be cause for immediate termination of service.

  • Early termination of prepaid service contracts will result in billing at the appropriate month-to-month rate for service received, plus an early termination fee of $150.00. If service is terminated within the initial prepaid service period of 6 months or 12 months, the installation fee of $250 will be assessed prior to any refund of service.  If your service has been terminated for violation of accepted use or damage to the equipment, prepaid services will be forfeited to account for equipment and network damages.

  • There is a 10 day grace period. After 10 days a late fee of $15 may be assessed. Return check fee is $30