About Us

Rocky Mountain Internet has been supplying High Speed Internet Services to the Bitterroot Valley since 2000. Locally owned and operated, Rocky Mountain Internet prides itself on providing clients with personal service and support. The people that install your service are the people that are there to assist when you call in with questions or problems.

Rocky Mountain Internet requires a visual line-of-sight to one of its broadcast towers located throughout the Bitterroot Valley. Our broadcast points include; the Trader Brother tower behind Trader Brothers in Florence,  the Jones Road Broadcast in Florence on the West side, the Lower Woodchuck Tower East of Florence, the Reed Butte Tower to the East of Stevensville, the Eastside Station Broadcast to the East of Stevensville, the Rome Broadcast East of Stevensville, the Kootenai Broadcast West of Stevensville, the Sharrott Hill Loop Broadcast West of Stevensville, the Kootenai Village Broadcast West of Stevensville, the Indian Prairie Broadcast to the West of Stevensville, the Corvallis Hills Tower East of Corvallis, the Al Vista Loop Broadcast NorthWest of Hamilton, and the Grubstake Towers to the West of Hamilton on Downing Mountain.

Rocky Mountain Internet uses a microwave radio that connects to a single computer using an Ethernet or Network port, or if you have multiple computers and would like in-home WIFI, you will need to purchase a wireless router that has a network input port.  It is recommended that a router be in place at all times as a firewall for the end users internal network regardless of the number of computers connecting to the service.

Site surveys are conducted free of charge.