Service and Support

Service and Support

For any problems or concerns with your service we are ready to help. For fastest assistance please call us at 406-777-4088, or email

Mon-Fri 8am-8pm

Sat 10am-4pm

Generally we provide support up to the end of the wire, meaning that we guarantee that our radio device, the wire, and power supply are fully functional delivering you fantastic speed and service. Repairs and upgrades of our equipment are always free of charge if it is an issue with the equipment or installation.

Your devices (TVs, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, etc) and your router are not directly supported by us, though we will always try to assist with basic troubleshooting and at very least leave you with resources to find assistance. For assistance with your devices or setup you may need to contact the vendor or manufacturer directly. Though we do not support these devices directly, you may call us for a referral to local home IT and networking professionals.

Damages caused by the customer will likely incur a service fee of $90 for repair.

Move Service Fee: $125

Reconnect Fee: $90

Equipment Transfer Fee: $90 (waived for 6-month or Annual Pre-Paid accounts)

Our contact forms are currently undergoing maintenance, please send all inquiries for service and support to or call 406-777-4088


1. Does weather or smoke have an affect on my service?

We strive to deliver a consistent service, however unforeseen extreme weather and heavy particulate like smoke can temporarily degrade service. Please contact support if your service is having issues. Sudden loss of performance after weather events may indicate a mis-aligned or damaged radio dish, wire, or router issue.

The radio dish and your router are susceptible to lightning strikes and other electrical issues and as such we recommend using a battery backup or quality surge suppressor with your service to counter Montana’s notorious weather.

2. My service is slow, are your towers overloaded?

No, we are monitoring our network closely and adjusting daily to load balance between our access points and towers for maximum performance. Slow speeds can come about from a variety of reasons, including issues with the radio dish, wire, your router, or external network issues to us.

We cannot speak to third-party service availability, outages or degraded performance or provide direct support for these. If only one of your services or devices seems to be having issues you may need to contact their support directly.

3. Do you block any services or applications?

We do not block any standard web services or ports with a small few exceptions concerned with illegal activity like online piracy, such as Bit-torrent protocol. We fully support VPNs, VOIP phone systems, Zoom/Teams etc and optimize as much as possible for them. See our policies

4. Do you track my activity?

With exception to a decree, subpoena or lawsuit by State or Federal law enforcement agencies we do not track or assist with tracking any web activities beyond general data usage. See our policies


Rocky Mountain Internet is always happy to assist if you are encountering issues with your service.

If you are experiencing slow speeds, buffering when streaming, or loss of service the following steps may resolve your issue:

1. Restart your radio dish

Locate the power supply and unplug it from the outlet, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. The power supply will usually be located close to your router, connected to the Internet port. Some of our radios can take up to 10 minutes to boot up and establish a tower connection.

2. Restart your router

Locate your router and restart the device by unplugging it or using the on/off button on the back. Wait 10 seconds and power the device.

You may also restart your computer or other device for good measure.

3. Attempt to connect to the Internet

While directly connected or connecting to your WiFi network, try using the Internet. If successful, run the Speed Test up to 3 times to verify you are getting up to your package speed consistently.

If still unsuccessful, you may attempt setting up your router as if it were new out of the box. Power surges and other issues can sometimes reset the router to a factory fresh state, and no Internet will pass until setup is complete. For example, while connected to WiFi or Ethernet, Netgear routers in this state will redirect you to a setup page instead of your requested website. Many routers including Netgear have companion phone apps that can help you initiate and complete the setup process. Please refer to the instructions that came with your router.

We always recommend using a high quality power surge suppressor or battery backup with your service to further help prevent electrical issues and damage.

5. Call Support

If none of these steps resolves your issue please call us for immediate support.