Remote Work Guide

Remote Work Guide

Rocky Mountain Internet fully supports remote workers and optimizes our network as much as possible for the most popular services like Zoom and Teams for a smooth experience. The following are recommendations to help you have maximum uptime and avoid some common issues.

Have a backup hotspot ready in case of service or power disruptions due to Montana’s notorious weather or other issues. Most smartphones and service plans have hotspot service, or there are dedicated hotspot devices and service plans from vendors like Netgear and Verizon. You must ensure your service plan has enough data for your work day or you may be data throttled to an unworkable speed.

Protect your home or business and your equipment by using a battery backup or high quality surge suppressor. Lightning storms or other power instability by the utility can result in damaged or reset routers, radios, computers, and more. Having a backup router on hand may also recommended.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are often limited on speed or other services depending on your organization, even blocking certain websites while in use. Rocky Mountain Internet does not block or hinder VPNs or network ports in any way that is intentional, you may need to contact your organizations IT or Networking department for support for connecting to internal resources.

Follow our troubleshooting and support guide if you are experiencing a loss of service, slow speeds, or other connectivity issues in general.

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