Once Rocky Mountain Internet has determined we can provide great service with your chosen speed package we will schedule an installation time. Typically installations may be scheduled at 11am or 1pm Tuesday-Friday, however we can work with you for other appointments.

Pre-Installation Checklist

Ensure you have purchased or otherwise obtained a router device. Our service can be used without a router directly from the wire with an Ethernet port, but a WiFi router is recommended. Please see our recommended routers guide for more info and where to purchase before your installation.

Choose where you would like your router to be in your home or business. A central location is generally best like a main living area with open space for best coverage and speed. Larger areas may be covered by a mesh router system.


What does a typical installation look like?

Once we determine best line of sight to our broadcast tower, we will install a radio dish and Ethernet wire to your router.

The locations of the dish may vary greatly depending on where we have line of sight. Generally on homes the radio dish will be installed on a pole mount on the side wall, fascia, roof, decking, etc. At times to get line of sight the radio dish may be mounted to a yard pole, fence post, or other unique solution. You may schedule a free sight survey to evaluate your property for service.

Can you run wire through walls?

No. Our general installations run the wire on the outside of the structure and through the wall to the router. If available we will use pre-installed wiring common in many newer constructions.

To have custom Cat5/Ethernet wiring and equipment installed in the walls it is recommended to contact a certified electrician.

Can you trench or bury the cable?

No. We can install to remote areas of a property however we do not install conduits or offer other trenching services. The wire will be lain across the grounds with extra wire to be buried. We will consult with you on the best approach to such installations when working with an experienced general contractor to install wiring between structures. You may schedule a free sight survey to evaluate your property for service.