Though we are sad to see you go, we understand if you need to cancel your service and offer a no-hassle process to do so.

If you are cancelling due to poor service or other issues please contact our technical support first, we can very often correct these issues immediately or same day. Repairs from issues with our equipment is always free of charge.

To officially cancel your service please call our support phone number, use our online form, or email. Our technicians will be in touch to arrange pickup of our equipment including the radio dish, power supply/POE, and mounting hardware. Once the equipment has been returned any refunds and/or final billing documents will be issued.

If you are moving, please inform us of your new billing address to ensure any correspondence is going to the correct location.

Not paying your bill is not the same as cancelling your service. Unless we have an official notice of cancellation, it is assumed your service is still active regardless of usage and will be billed as such until uninstallation is forced due to non-payment. Accounts in non-payment status have 10 days grace period before late fees and uninstallation may be occur. Lost equipment may result in further charges.

Early termination of 6-month or Annual packages will be re-billed as a monthly service from your renewal date, and a $150 early termination fee applied to your balance as the pre-paid discount no longer applies to your service. Any remaining positive balance will be refunded to the billing address on file by mail. Please see our policies for more details.

Reconnection fee after an uninstallation is performed is $90


Do I need to be at my home or business for the uninstall?

Generally you do not need to be present for the uninstallation, unless there are issues with access to the site such as security gates or considerations for livestock or other animals. You are welcome to schedule a specific date and time.

The power supply for the radio dish may be left near the radio dish or porch in a bag or container for pick-up.

Do you remove the wire with uninstallation?

No, generally the wiring is left in place as an industry standard practice.

May I remove my own hardware?

Yes, you may take down your own radio dish, mounting, and wiring if you wish. Our technicians will collect the equipment. Any damages to the equipment or missing equipment may result in a replacement charge being applied.

Will my roof leak?

When uninstalling from a roof mount we will reinsert the lag screws with a roofing sealant to prevent leaks or other damage from exposure. If we suspect removing a mount will cause permanent damage we will consult you before further action is taken.