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Reliable Speed

We strive to provide fast, consistent service up to 10% over your stated speed, with no data caps or other restrictions.

About Speeds

Streaming +

With our advanced direct fiber connection to services like Amazon Prime/AWS, Apple+ TV, Netflix and more you can enjoy a smooth streaming and content experience.


Save $240 per year and get Free Installation with our No-Hassle Annual Plans.


40 Mbps Download
10 Mbps Upload*


Individuals and small families, small business, work from home, gamers

FHD Streaming for up to 6 devices

4K for 1 device

*Up to 10 Mbps

Unlimited Data


80 Mbps Download
80 Mbps Upload*

$129.95/mo** $99.95/mo**

Larger families, medium to large business, work from home, content creators, gamers

FHD Streaming up to 14 devices

4K Streaming up to 3 devices

Unlimited Data

RIPP Extreme

100 Mbps Download
100 Mbps Upload*

$159.95/mo** $129.95/mo**

Large families, medium to large businesses, work from home, gamers, content professionals, power users

FHD Streaming up to 20 devices

4k Streaming up to 4 devices

Unlimited Data

**This rate and free installation applies only to Annual Pre-Paid plans. Click here to see all of our plans and pricing

What is RIPP?

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Are you satellite based?

No, Rocky Mountain Internet is a ground based fixed-wireless service. We install a radio device on your home or business that connects with our local broadcast towers.

Do you provide a router?

We do not sell or provide the router for your service, allowing you to choose a solution that will work best for you. We do recommend certain models that are available locally or online.

Do you provide home IT, business IT, or custom networking setups?

To maintain the best possible speeds we are focused only on our immediate network including the radio dish on your home or business. We will assist with router setups to a basic service level as needed, but if you need more complex networking and IT, cameras, custom point-to-point wireless or wired connections between structures and similar please call us for a referral to a local professional.