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Residential Services

25Mbps Service

Unlimited Data - Full Streaming Access

Annual Prepaid      $959.40 ($79.95/mo a $240 annual savings)

Installation Fee Waived on Annual Prepaid Service Package

Six Month Prepaid      $539.70 ($89.95/mo a $120 annual savings)

Installation Fee on Six Month Prepaid Service Package $125.00

Month to Month          $99.95

Installation Fee on Monthly Service  $250.00 


What is DIVA?  DIVA is a direct FiberOptic Internet line (peer-to-peer) to the Seattle Internet Exchange (S.I.X) and CoreSite in Denver where companies like Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. participate in a central hub. 

What does this mean for you?

Rocky Mountain Internet customers will have direct FiberOptic line access to the above mentioned companies for their favorite TV shows, Netflix and Amazon movies without any latency (lag) or slowdowns in watching your favorite programs.

This FiberOptic line is dedicated to only video services and is separate from Rocky Mountain Internet’s normal internet traffic. 

Unleash the power of DIVA and call today!